Welcome to the As-Drew website.
A company founded by Adam Szmyt, who joins Together with his older son Jacek Szmyt.  It is a family business, in which the father passes on acquaintances to his son, based on his own extensive experience acquired over 30 years. Services with services dealing with the processing and production of wood products.
As-Drew is a leading Polish manufacturer of wooden legs for the European furniture sector.  We pride ourselves on almost thirty years of experience in the field of woodworking, which we have been improving since 1989.  Our primary goal is always customer satisfaction and meeting even the most demanding orders. We always try to advise clients solutions that will be ideally suited to their needs and expectations.  We are a unique company because we care not only about selling the finished product.  Our specialists advise in choosing the best solution for the client.  Starting from the design, helping in choosing the color palette of material and product, together we work out the final result that meets the expectations of the most demanding orders. Impossible does not exist for us !!!  Our company uses the latest technology, which makes use of several dozen years of experienced apprentices as specialists who guarantee the quality of services rendered.  Our additional advantages are stable prices and take into account the lead time always in line with the customer's expectations. Thanks to our warehouses, in which stocks of beech, pine, oak and ash wood are waiting for you, we are always ready to accept the largest orders for immediate implementation.  As-Drew is a fully independent company offering the highest quality performance using the latest technologies and machines also in the automatic varnishing of finished wooden products made of one piece of wood.  For years, we have been using modern CNC machines that fill our production halls, which in turn expand their area from year to year. 

Something more about the company?
As-Drew is an economic entity that always puts ecology first. Our work is to use the resources of our planet and we are addicted to its existence and proper functioning.  Not only professionally.  We understand, value and try wherever possible to use only recyclable products, and all our activities are based on acting in harmony with nature. For example, we obtain wood briquettes and pellets from wood waste, and employees throughout the enterprise use ecological and recyclable products. 

As-Drew currently works with many demanding companies in Poland, but also on the European market.  Sweden, the Netherlands, France, England, Germany - these are the countries in which we have a network of clients cooperating with us for many years.  We are everywhere where high-quality wooden products are needed and quality comes first.  Our main recipients are companies from the industry:
-upholstered furniture
-   chains of interior design stores
- producers associated with the funeral industry
-  wholesalers and sports stores
-Advertising Agencies
- manufacturers of bed and chair frames 

We also manufacture furniture components in small quantities, also for individual customers.
We treat every customer and every order uniquely.  We work together with you the best quality, the shortest in time and the most economically advantageous solutions for your most complicated expectations individually and precisely, observing the highest standards of diligence.  We will always find the optimal solution.
Confirmation of this is the satisfaction that you share with us - our current and future clients.
In the 'offer' tab you will find sample photos of the range that has been made for the customer.  We invite you to familiarize yourself with the range of our goods as well as we expect your individual orders.
Our company and our passions - together we are for you, your challenges, your joy and recognition.